Text mai vechi, upgradat. Mi-a luat 2 ore si jumatate de pachet de tigari ca sa imi dau seama ca oricat as incerca, textul asta nu va suna niciodata la fel de bine in romana ca in engleza, desi am o varianta relativ decenta si in ro pe care o voi mai explora.

It’s been like this forever. You always come out of the dark, with a demonic angel’s smile on your lips. You always find me crucified to the immutable waiting, desiring you, unable to evolve out of my frail shell of flesh, needing you to ease its pain, eternally attracted and afraid of you, of your power to break me and leave me again without any peace or promise of being free.

I am at your total discretion. You never ask permission or forgiveness, you just take what you want, when you want it. And now, the hour of us meeting, has once arrived again. Because I am what you want. I have been what you want for so many lives before and for all those about to come and you are looking for me in any universe you travel, in any shape you take, in any world you might venture, just as I wear the stigmata of expecting you from the beginning of time until the end of all things.

And here you are again, slithering from the farthest of hells, your look telling me I am the game you hunt, the game you feed on, the game you always come back to for more, as your restless soul is bound to mine in the same sick way that mine is bound to yours, both cursed to travel endlessly, just to meet for split seconds to fulfill our immortal fate.

I see your hand reaching to my face, your fingers stroking my lips. Under your heavy, deep dark gaze, I find myself powerless, losing myself in the hallucinating beatings of my own heart. You always take me by surprise. No matter that I’m yours, no matter we’ve done this for a billion years, it’s always like the first encounter, over and over again and it’s never the same twice. And the rush, the crush, the fire that builds up in me every
time, the psychotic fever you give me it’s the only thing keeping me going through life and death.

And now, as you lean towards me, I feel my stomach ache, ‘cause you’re sweeter than sin and more powerful than the devil himself. I feel my blood burning like hellish horses running wild. A demented butterfly beats its wings inside my loins and I feel my pressure rising, deafening me. I
watch you from outside myself getting closer, fast yet motionless, aggressive yet peaceful, and your final step is a cocktail of our breaths conjoined
forever. It’s all like a dream, like a drug, the only true emotion worth feeling, my only pleasure, my only masochistic pain. It’s more than sexual,
this feeling you pressure in me, you’re a meteor shreding my atmosphere, you’re my flight above skies, you’re my fall beyond the edge of the world.

I feel your arms around me, pushing my back against the wall behind, until the three of us become the one and only breathless entity. My feet tremble, my lungs choke, I’m out of air, out of sight, out of words. And as your scent inflicts my mind, I feel the magma of my desire shivering my
body, tearing apart my organs, rupturing my skin, melting my core and leaking through my fingertips.

Your glare penetrates my emasculated orbits, rapes as a lightning storm the mush which used to be my brain , invades my nerves in paralyzing screams, biopsying that fragile spot which connects my head to my spinal cord, torching it into pure fire. The electricity you ignite in me cracks my bones and with my last pieces of reason, I know it was worth the waiting, the longing and the abyss left by your absence over the millennia, ‘cause this is what we live for and this is why we are meant to dance to each other in our eternal quest for resurrection. I feel your lips over mine, in a kiss as an irrevocable, inescapable possession and finally our souls meet, while time stops to regain its breath again.

An old world ends and a new one begins and we are alone here, at the crossroads of destruction and creation, the wall behind my back sustaining my overloaded, decomposed body and I feel your hand grabbing the back of my neck, with a violence only you are capable of, tender and feral,
as your kiss deepens into my spirit and the anticipation of your breaking into me becomes unbearable.

Your teasing fingers are like burning ice on my chilled skin, and there is nowhere for me to run, to hide from you, to escape your devouring hunger. My touch makes you shiver and this is all I have to know. You are too one giant heartbeat, one single pumping blood cell, a life-full
accessory of my love. Our souls bite, tear and squeeze the mortal carcass of one another, as I feel you crushing down your chest, hoping that I will fill the void inside you, the hollow that stands in front of me, with your dreams waiting to be exorcised.

I am a tattoo on that wall. You are a tattoo on me.

And when this tango ends, when it’s all over, you slowly take my hand and press it against your cheek. I feel your tears like burning candle drops. They leave me with scars and with a sorrow so great, so damaging, only eternity, in its kindness, will heal, ‘cause we have to part now and we have to live and we have to die a thousand ways, a thousand times, to pass a thousand re-births, until we meet again. And we will meet again, my love, I promise.

We are the bird of the same wings; we are the alpha and the omega, the truth and the light, the darkness and the agony, the siamese
siblings of the same sleepwalking soul. How can we be without if we only exist for being within eachother?