Bad agent. If I say this one more time, I’ll get myself fired. But Andrei is right. I’m like this puzzle, 10.000 pieces spread all over the living-room floor.
After the ups and downs and the bumps in the road and the exhaustion and the lack of sleep (or perspective, or hope, but that’s another scary story), I managed to do something. Well, half of something.
Yes! We have THE FACEBOOK PAGE! I repeat: WE HAVE THE FACEBOOK PAGE! Check it out:
The Page is new born. After only 24 hours of life, it already has 65 likes and counting. Thank you all the beautiful people out there who actually cared enough not just to push the button, but also leave a comment, a feed-back or some greetings from the planets they’re living on.
Oh, just let me tell you about ADD. Sometimes it scares the sh… out of me. And ashames me beyond reason. And makes me look stupid and incompetent to my writer.
See? I’m doing it again. Start on a straight path and end up in some twisted Wonderland with no compass.
So I started to build the page. Then I suddenly fled to another dimension following a lead, in the obsessive manner of my dear Sherlock and I ended up ignoring a simple fact: the looks of the page. I said it before and I’ll say it again. God bless the ones who have the patience and the reason to deal with an ADD child.
I wanted to surprise Andrei and have the page up and running before he woke up, with at least 30 likes on it. Imagine his surprise when he opened the Early-Christmas Gift and found ugliness running havoc around there. If I’m still employed, it’s just because he has the above-mentioned patience.
So he’s behind the great cover photo, the profile picture and the many many other cool stuff you can find on the page, after 6 hours of work. Not fair to him, but let me tell you something in my defense: I could’ve picked a thousand photos for the cover, he would have still picked the best one.
But I made ammends. I kicked my ADD ass so hard, it focused on only two tasks today. Promote the page. Hunt for publishers. No, I WILL NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP! No word about it yet.
Tired as if digging the whole damn Danube Channel by myself. Not enough sleep. Way too many cigs a day and waaaaaay too many ideas colliding in my head. Which hurts daily. Never felt more alive though.
I’ll keep doing what I’m doing even if I’ll end up bleeding on the floor. Nothing new here, anyway.
So keep in touch guys and make the Page spread like Ebola!
Love, me.